Every individual is unique and so are their golf swings. Working one-on-one provides students with the individual attention needed to address a player's weaknesses and to map out plans to reach their specific goals.


1/2 Hour Lesson $50
1 Hr. Video Lesson with Video $95
Short Game  2  1/2 Hr. Lessons               $65
Series of  3  1/2 Hr.  Lessons $125
Series of  5 1/2 Hr. Lessons $200
2 Hour On The Course Playing Lesson $100

Junior (ages 6-17)

1/2  Hour Lesson $40
1 Hr. Video Lesson with Video $75
Series of 3 1/2 Hr. Lessons $100
Series of 5 1/2 Hr. Lessons $160
2 Hour On The Course Playing Lesson $80

Playing Lessons

A 2 Hour playing lesson is a great way to transition success from the practice range to the golf course. Course management strategies and decision making skills will be addressed during the round. Students may ask for advice on how to play a particular hole and learn how best to escape from trouble. Playing with and learning from the Pro on the course is a tremendous learning experience that will surely have a positive impact on the game.

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