Driving Range

Town & Country Golf Links Driving Range

Our practice facility is undeniably one of the finest in the tri-state area. Covered by an all-weather canopy and illuminated at dusk by a state-of-the-art lighting system, our 19-Bay driving range features both grass and mat hitting areas and is now equipped with Toptracer Technology in 10 Bays.

Toptracer Range delivers the same ball-tracing technology that traces the shots of the pros on TV and Town & Country Golf Links is the FIRST golf course in all of Central and South Jersey equipped with this technology by Toptracer! Download the Toptracer Range app on your phone, and come try out this fun, engaging, and tech-driven experience! Game modes are suitable for all ages and skill levels!

Turn a functional range day into a fun experience. Grab your clubs, and we’ll see you soon!

Range Hours
Subject to Change | Weather Permitting

Friday – Wednesday | 6 am – Dusk
Thursday | 10 am – Dusk

Season Bucket Prices (Effective March 1st, 2022)

Small (Approx. 30 Balls) $7
Medium (Approx. 60 Balls) $10
Large (Approx. 80 Balls) $14

Game Modes

Approach Challenge

Great game to play with friends or on your own. Fine-tune your iron play in this game of nine approach shots on your choice of three legendary courses. Hit your best approach shots and hunt the pin. Distances from the pin on each hole will be totaled, so lowest score wins! Be aware that shots into the rough or a hazard are penalized, so hit them tight!

Closest to Pin

Compete on a par 3 hole to get your shot closest to the pin. Every turn consists of three attempts to see who gets the best shot on some of the most scenic par 3 holes in golf. You may even get a hole in one.

Driving Challenge

The ultimate test of power and precision on 9 virtual course holes. Hit your best tee shots and points will be rewarded based on distance and precision. The longer the shot the more points are awarded. Be aware, however, if you miss the fairway, or the pin is obstructed, you will be penalized.

Go Fish

Get ready for a thrilling fishing adventure! Go Fish can be played individually or as a team of up to four people. Earn stars by hitting shots to “catch” different sea creatures. Collect the different species in your aquarium and connect your profile to save your progress and compare scores with friends. If you are skilled enough you might even get a trophy catch! A great game to introduce kids to the game of golf.

Long Drive

Grip it and Rip it. Distance is the name of the game, so grab your driver and strike your ball with everything you got. You must stay on the grid for your shot to count.

My Practice

Practice smarter! Test your clubs’ performance and check your consistency like a Pro. My Practice will keep track of your distance, target consistency and will tell you how good your ball grouping is. It is a great way to dive deeper and work on your game.

Points Game

It’s all about accuracy! Land close to the targets and you can rack up some serious points. Play it safe with nearby targets or go for broke and aim further out. This game will make you switch clubs and tailor your shots to what is on the screen. If you are up for a challenge you can try to hit the special multiplier rings and multiply your points!


30 shots to sharpen your skills! Perfect game for golfers looking to improve or enjoy the pressure of a real round. This game simulates 30 on-course scenarios and provides personalized detailed post-game analysis.

Virtual Golf

Play a full 18-hole round of golf or choose a select number of holes to play on some of the best golf courses around the world right in Woodstown! Challenge yourself, or compete against your friends without ever leaving your bay.

Warm Up

Use the Warm Up to see how you’re hitting it while you loosen up. Hone your skills in this comprehensive training mode that offers data like ball speed, distance, launch angle, height, landing angle, hang time, and distance to the target. These statistics will help you understand where to focus your attention when you move on to other Toptracer games.

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